Energy Government

Energy is governed by Mayor Frank Jeters and a board of elected trustees. These individuals hold regular meetings to discuss issues pertaining to the Village. The Village Government members are shown below.


  • Frank Jeters
    Frank Jeters Frank Jeters - Mayor
  • Shawn Ladd
    Shawn Ladd Police Chief
  • Andy Barclay
    Andy Barclay Public Works Director - Fire Chief
  • Susan Burris
    Susan Burris Treasurer
  • Dean Albright
    Dean Albright Dean Albright - Trustee
  • Jim Sprague
    Jim Sprague Jim Sprague - Trustee
  • Bengie McGee
    Bengie McGee Bengie McGee - Trustee
  • Brad Graul
    Brad Graul Brad Graul - Trustee
  • Romie Restivo
    Romie Restivo Romeo Restivo - Trustee
  • Karl Gusentine
    Karl Gusentine Karl Gusentine - Trustee
  • Nicole Gusentine
    Nicole Gusentine Nicole Gusentine - Village Clerk
  • Sherri Vick
    Sherri Vick Secretary,Water Clerk,Deputy Clerk,Notary